My early acquaintance with NIP

When Nusaybah Always Good Girl was born, I began to ponder on nursing in public (NIP). I had no idea how nursing gonna work other than going to the nursing room or express for milk prior to outing.
NIP is a BIG NO because I just don’t know how to handle her without displaying what i’m not supposed to.

Then I gave Iman Sara’s nursing cover a try. Alhamdulillah it was worth it because I developed confidence through that piece of art. But then, it was during Nusaybah’s late 4 months that i think i can get away with nursing cover because she seemed to be playing with it during NIP and that is pretty distracting to both of us.

Now that i’m getting the hang of NIP, and Alhamdulillah that my tudung/shawl is wide, things are made easy. I can leave behind nursing cover and opt to not express Nusaybah’s meal before going out.

Be not ashamed with NIP, the public needs to open up to what life is actually about. So long your aurah is covered rest assured things will be fine. Your baby is happy, full tummy, and you get to have life like nobody’s business.

As for ImanSara’s nursing cover, it was an awesome experience. Thanks Aisyah!! Jazakillahu khair ^


Also, thank you Mr.Husband for the support and patience while i was (and still am) struggling with the new life.

This the magnificent masterpiece !!

Zayana: That’s me
SG: Southern Gathering, a pre-departure program where we met
NZ: New Zealand, the land of long wide cloud, where I spent the three best years in my life.

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