It’s about time to shift

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So you have successfully popped your baby. Yeay! She cried and pooped on you during the bonding session like nobody’s business. You are then transferred to the maternity ward. Your baby comes in a bit late, to go through some cleansing. Breastfeed him/her for a while. Switch off the lights. And there goes your husband’s snores while you are still in the state of heightened arousal and  your heart pounds wildly not believing what you just went through. 
Contraction and childbirth experience are one of its kind, especially to first time mothers (like me!). 
But that’s about it. Because now, you are welcome to a new life where unless you’re a supermom, you won’t get to make your tudung/hair before going out. This is the point of your life where everything might turn upside down and inside out because you now have an infant to look after. Yes, he/she falls under your responsibility and that reshapes your daily activities and preference. Well, at least these are what I’m going through. And these are among many other things that I’m currently striving to cope with. And sometimes find rationale in. And most of the time confused about. Surely many things are different now but there’s nowhere to run. So what you (and I) can do is simply sit back and relax. Calm down, and slowly accept that we are no longer single ladies with no worries and cares. 
If you’re facing the same, worry not because we are going to nail this together. We are going to embark on this journey like yeah we can do it!

Go! go! mothers!

“So (it will be). Your Lord says; It is easy for Me. Certainly I have created you before, when you had been nothing!” (Maryam: verse 9)

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