ZALORA-Mothers, Here’s Why It’s Normal To Not Have The New Year Spirit

things-to-know about motherhood

Hey y’all! How’s it going. I haven’t been writing for quite some time now, I know. Got caught with work and I have left you all unattended, my apologies. Anyway, here’s my latest article on ZALORA! Do check it out the original post, click on the link below. “While most people look forward for the […]

No Easy Road-Patsy Whyte

I didn’t get to do November reading because I couldn’t get this book done by then.  So here’s your December reading,  an autobiography by Patsy (Patricia) Whyte. The author talked about her early life in the children’s home, where she lived in.  She was raised in an orphanage not because she lost her parents but […]

You Might Have These Signs of Postpartum Depression without You Realising

Hola everyone! So this week on ZALORA,  i talk about PPD which could also apply for fathers and they name it Paternal Post Natal Depression. Enjoy your friday reads! This was originally posted on THREAD BY ZALORA Being a parent is not an easy task, we all know that. But the extent that the challenge is […]

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